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Attention Psychology Experiment (Part-4)

Attention psychology experiment (Part-4) In this article, we will talk about Attention and Visual Perception. Attention psychology experiment (Part-4) We will focus on inattentional blindness and change detection. This article also focuses on Overt and Covert attention, it closes with location and object-based attention. Now we have been talking in the last three articles about …

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Attention Psychology Pdf (Part-2)

Attention Psychology Pdf (Part-2) This article is on Selective Attention, Attention Psychology Pdf (Part-2) It covers the phenomenon of the cocktail party effect and theories of selective attention (filter and bottleneck theories). It also covers various models (Broadbent model, Selective filter model, Attenuation model, Late-Filter model) and neuroscience of selective attention. If you remember what …

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